La TerrazitaVintage.Classy.Outdoor

La Terrazita is the new green and sensorial ambiance of BTH HOTEL.
A friendly and contemporary place, ideal to enjoy a good conversation in contact with nature.
BTH HOTEL creates an atmosphere with a free personality, without leaving aside the elegance, the authentic decoration and the outdoor design, generating new sensations to welcome all our customers who enjoy a different and original place, to the rhythm of cool music and performance with live bands.



Inspired by the clubs in London, New York and Berlin, MADBAR comes to Lima with a new underground and cosmopolitan concept. A cool, multicultural and at the same time elegant and chic environment, with a cutting edge style and a flawless service that stands out together with the innovating cocktail mixing along with a pleasant gastronomic proposal. A rock and roll and electronic music environment, where celebrities gather around enjoying intense and wild conversations, amazed by a great night and a magical experience.

A fresh philosophy of cocktail and interesting proposal now under the command of Alonso Palomino, Head of Bartender MADBAR, next to a large and friendly team of MADTenders inside the BTH HOTEL.




Concept, investigation, technique and experience. Quimera is a restaurant with a new cooking-workshop line, aimed on creating new experiences. Designed by one of the best chefs in the world, is now commanded by Chef Victor Hugo De Armero and his leading, organic and gourmet proposal. It is the only restaurant located in an emblematic hotel with its own organic kitchen garden which provides the best products. We want to connect all your senses in the highest level of pleasure. Come live the experience in Quimera at BTH.




BTH HOTEL creates a new experience, “Mr. Jacobs “inspired by the old school rockabilly barbers of New York & London from the 50’s, combining classic cuts with modern barbershop technology, resulting in a very cozy place where the customer service is exquisite and the Talent of its expert barber cutters, claiming the masculinity of style, extreme technique and classic old school styles.

Between stories to Frank Sinatra’s rhythm, you can enjoy a good craft beer or a shot Jack Daniel’s to make the wait more enjoyable.

Mr. Jacobs

Barber Shop

We are feeling vintage.